Kofax delivers for Ron Finemore Transport

Ron Finemore Transport was honoured in the annual Kofax Customer Excellence Awards at Accelerate 2021, Kofax’s virtual customer event. Headquartered in Wodonga, Victoria, Ron Finemore Transport operates an extensive logistics network across the Australia’s eastern seaboard.

A family-owned business founded in 2004, Ron Finemore Transport’s 650+ employees deliver a comprehensive range of transport and logistics solutions to leading enterprises including Aldi, Caltex Australia, Manildra Group of Companies, Nestlé, Simplot Australia and Woolworths.

Ron Finemore Transport were announced the winners of the Kofax Customer’s Choice Award and also received recognition for the APAC “Stand-Out”.

General Manager of Technology & Innovation, Darren Wood says, “Working like tomorrow, today means keeping up with change and being at the forefront of innovation”. 

“We are continuously trying to improve and look at a range of technology initiatives across the business to help improve our efficiency and add value to our customers.”

To augment its logistics services, Ron Finemore Transport aimed to harness realtime position and activity data for all the trucks in its fleet. In the past, providing accurate status updates for each load required the company to manually re-key the position and activity data into its transportation management system - a time-consuming task. Using Kofax RPA, Ron Finemore Transport has automated 91 percent of the process, liberating six full-time equivalents to focus on value-added activities.

“Status Updates were not being applied in realtime and up until we started our relationship with Kofax that job was being performed manually by fingers on keyboards,” said Wood.

“So, in 2020, our business processed 980,000 status updates which was a significant increase on the previous year. We believe we’ve saved anywhere between $A800,000 and $A100,000 in overhead per annum.

“We don’t want to introduce technology for technology’s sake. It has to add value so that we can add value to our customers in problem solving for them every day,” he said.

“This year’s impressive roster of Customer Excellence Award recipients exemplifies how organizations are harnessing Kofax intelligent automation to truly Work Like Tomorrow -today,” says Kathleen Delaney, Kofax’s Chief Marketing Officer. 

“They represent the diversity of our 25,000+ customer base and share a common vision of the power of digital transformation to streamline operations, enhance the customer experience and enrich employee satisfaction. We congratulate all of our winners, finalists and semi-finalists on their accomplishments.”