Infosource ranks Capture & IDP Vendors

Infosource Software has released its annual Capture & Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) Vendor Matrix and accompanying report. The Global Matrix and Report ranks 20 leading Capture & IDP SW vendors, based on Strategy and Capabilities (y-axis) and Execution in the market (x-axis).

The vendors are divided into four categories: Star, Disruptor, Contender, and Explorer.

“The Capture & IDP market has exploded with entrants over the past five years; the impetus being the widespread introduction of AI and machine learning into applications in this market,” said Ralph Gammon, Senior Analyst for Infosource Software and the lead author of the report.

“This has made our job in ranking the vendors more complex than ever. Applied intelligence is one factor we consider; we also look at capabilities in areas like cloud services and multi-channel input, as well as the vendor’s vision for end-to-end automation. On the Execution axis, market share, strength of partner channel, ease of implementation and competitive advantages are all considered.”

Vendors classified as Stars show strength on both axes. Disruptors are stronger in Strategy and Capabilities, while Contenders are stronger in Execution. Explorers show potential to emerge as leaders in the future.

The Stars from last year’s matrix remain unchanged with OpenText, IBM, and ABBYY leading the way. For this year’s matrix, Infosource, which also publishes a report that sizes the Capture & IDP market, increased the weighting of market share.

“OpenText’s strong market position and partnership programs make them a leader in Execution, while their continued innovation, vision for the future, and ability to incorporate Capture & IDP as part of an end-to-end solution make them a leader in Strategy and Capabilities,” said Gammon.

“These strengths enable them to once again earn a Star position in our matrix.”

Microsoft, as a new entry in market study, positioned next to TCG Process as leaders in their quadrant.

"TCG Process' aim of offering a solution that focuses on end-to-end process automation aligns with our vision for the future of the market," stated Gammon.

"TCG Process offers a scalable solution that goes beyond Capture. It features the ability to model and orchestrate an entire document-driven process. TCG leverages its own IP as well as that of third-party offerings from vendors like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon to automate classification, extraction, and document flow. This creates an extensible and flexible solution that stands out in the market."

TCG Process CEO Arnold von Bueren commented, "We are pleased to be featured again as a mature vendor and leading disruptor in Infosource's 2023 report and be positioned next to Microsoft, a company that we have great respect for.

“We feel our unique approach to process modelling and orchestration alongside advanced intelligent document processing capabilities set TCG Process apart, and we look forward to continuing to scale our growth as 2023 will bring some exciting new expansion announcements."