Solidatus enhances Microsoft Purview data governance

Microsoft has named Solidatus as its preferred data lineage integration partner as it launches a reimagined data governance experience in Microsoft Purview.

This new software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform provides integration across data sources, AI-driven efficiency, and actionable insights for data governance processes.

Solidatus claims data lineage forms the foundation of modern data governance. Without it, complexity results in silos, information mismatches, and limited visibility into data movement across the organization.

This partnership will allow Microsoft Purview's global customer base to harness Solidatus' data lineage and its capabilities in fine grain lineage, visualization and version control, boosting their data governance efforts and fostering stronger, more resilient businesses.

"Whether applying AI, driving digital transformation, or ensuring regulatory compliance, our best-in-class data lineage enables users to build a living twin of their enterprise metadata, laying the foundation for informed decision-making,” said Philip Dutton, Solidatus CEO.

“Purview customers will gain a unified and actionable view of their governance workflows, empowering them to tackle their most pressing data challenges.”