DAFF lands on Kapish Content Manager Cloud

Kapish has signed a new Australian Federal Government customer for its Content Manager Cloud platform. Under a 6-year contract, the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) will migrate its on-premise OpenText Content Manager solution to the Kapish CM Cloud platform.

DAFF’s stated vision is a more sustainable and prosperous Australia through biosecurity, agricultural production and trade.  As a a long term user of Content Manager (TRIM), it is now seeking to establish a long term sustainable cloud platform to support records compliance into the future. 

DAFF was seeking a fully managed and supported departmental Content Manager system to eliminate the risk of any Content Manager system failure resulting from the use of unsupported software versions.

Kapish Content Manager Cloud now supports a number of large (5,000 users, >1TB database) Australian customers – with DAFF joining CSIRO, ACT Government & Brisbane City Council.

DAFF also joins the National Anti-Corruption Commission, Australian Sports Commission, Austrade & CSIRO in purchasing Kapish Content Manager Cloud through the DTA Cloud Marketplace. 

For further information, contact Kapish.