ADAPTOVATE joins NSW AI in Planning Initiative

ADAPTOVATE been selected by the NSW Government to take part in its $A5.6 million trial of AI in local planning systems.

ADAPTOVATE’s ‘Development Assessment Intelligence System (DAISY)’ is one of the three technologies identified for trial through the AI Solutions Panel and Early Adopter Grant Program.

“We are excited about this opportunity to collaborate with local councils. Our DAISY system will help councils reduce average DA assessment times by helping applicants get relevant information quickly and easily and then identifying administration and data input errors to enable councils to scale their development application process to meet the demands of NSW,” said Douglas Ross, Managing Director at ADAPTOVATE.

“This will be instrumental in helping councils deliver on their affordable housing initiatives

“Moreover, this initiative is a fantastic opportunity for the people of NSW. With the support of ADAPTOVATE’s AI solutions, they will be able to get more and better development applications successfully ready to start building.

“We are thrilled to bring value for money to councils in delivering AI-based technologies that support delivering affordable housing at scale across NSW,” said Ross.

The company also announced partnerships with EncompaaS, a platform as a service for compliance records and content for councils, and Gadali, an owned and operated Indigenous IT firm.

Jesse Todd, CEO of EncompaaS, said, “EncompaaS is delighted to collaborate with ADAPTOVATE and Gadali in becoming part of the esteemed AI Solutions Panel. We eagerly anticipate our contribution to deploying advanced AI solutions, backed by meticulous data preparation, to help NSW councils achieve their AI interests more securely, efficiently, and intelligently.”

For more information, visit the [Artificial Intelligence in NSW Planning] website.