Open Text accounts for Web revamp at CPA Australia

CPA Australia, one of the world’s largest accounting bodies, has transformed its web presence with the deployment of Open Text Web Solutions.

CPA Australia has a membership of more than 129,000 finance, accounting and business professionals across the globe. In recent years, the organisation’s international presence has grown markedly in terms of representation on international bodies and influence in the profession globally.

However, growth in functionality within the organisation’s web site has increasingly caused significant challenges in communicating a consistent brand and sending coherent messages to its many stakeholders including members, employees and the media.

As part of a strategy to sustain this increased international presence and support new membership growth over the next few years, CPA Australia decided to extend its five year relationship with Open Text by selecting the company to provide the platform for a compelling experience for current members and ensure an engaging destination for education, industry updates, technical support and member services.

The decision to select Open Text follows several months of research during which CPA Australia performed a detailed needs analysis and engaged around 200 members in the process.

The organisation chose Open Text based on its ability to deliver the complete spectrum of web functionality on a single platform, simplifying deployment and use. At the same time, CPA Australia also appointed independent interactive agency, Citrus, to handle the technical build of the web infrastructure and work on the new web design.

“One of the best features of Open Text is the personalisation service module which is good for member-based organisations. We were also impressed with the solution’s ease of use, its agility, and the speed at which we would be able to create new web site sections.

“At the same time, we worked with Open Text’s Professional Services Group in Sydney to build a best-of-breed back-end infrastructure with load balancing servers to ensure maximum availability,” says Ben McAuliffe, General Manager Digital Communications and Publishing, CPA Australia.

CPA Australia has also been able to use Open Text to reduce the number of web templates from 240 to just eight which also enables the organisation to upload new campaign sites within a few days replacing the previous month-long process.

“The Open Text architecture means that we have a new web site which is less reliant on our IT department to make any structural changes and delivers a solution whereby our marketing department can deliver more information, more rapidly and more consistently to our members, Ultimately, Open Text is a partner in helping CPA Australia become an even stronger competitor in the global marketplace,” says McAuliffe.

CPA Australia’s core member services include education, training, technical support and advocacy. Staff and members work together with local and international bodies to represent the views and concerns of the profession to governments, regulators, industries, academia and the general public.