OB10 launches e-Invoicing in APAC region

The global e-Invoicing network OB10 (www.ob10.com) has signed an agreement with Scan One Asia Pacific for the sale of its e-Invoicing services in Australia and New Zealand.

Scan One Asia Pacific is an Accounts Payable Solutions company based in Australia and this agreement will enable them to add OB10’s e-Invoicing solution to their existing suite of offerings.

Stefan Foryszewski, SVP Business and Product Development, OB10, commented: “We are delighted to be working with Scan One Asia Pacific to promote our e-Invoicing services and help build on our e-Invoicing network in the APAC region. E-Invoicing brings not only financial but also green benefits and this new partnership will more easily enable firms to realise these associated benefits.”

Gary Morley, Sales & Marketing Director, Scan One Asia Pacific, commented: “The combination of OB10 and Scan One’s Account Payable solutions will make it the most complete and comprehensive solution available in the world today.

"We have always put efficiency of payment at the heart of our operations. OB10’s e-Invoicing network provides unparalleled speed and accuracy in the processing of invoices and we are looking forward to offering this as part of our
Accounts Payable Solution.”