ASIC signs three year deal with Nuix

Nuix has extended its relationship with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) in a three-year multi-million-dollar agreement to supply ediscovery and electronic investigation software. This contract will expand the Australian corporate regulator’s ability to investigate the largest and most complex data sets.

ASIC, a Nuix customer since 2005, began evaluating electronic investigation technologies in April 2011. The regulator recognised it would more frequently need to process much larger data sets in the future.

“In 2006 one of ASIC’s largest ever investigations was into the collapse of funds manager Westpoint,” said Eddie Sheehy, Chief Executive Officer of Nuix. “Now they are planning a Westpoint-sized engagement every two days. This is a dramatic illustration of growth in data volumes and the number of corporate regulatory investigations ASIC undertakes.

“Over six months of evaluation, ASIC confirmed that Nuix was exceptionally fast and thorough, even with the largest data sets,” said Sheehy.

The new agreement will give ASIC the ability to search Microsoft SharePoint databases and Symantec Enterprise Vault and EMC EmailXtender email archives, on top of the Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes email systems, forensic images, faxes and scanned documents they were already using Nuix to investigate.

“No one can match our scalability and comprehensiveness,” said Sheehy. “That’s why ASIC, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and all major corporate regulators around the world use Nuix.”