Australian startup offers ediscovery for SMEs


Australian software development company Hartsco has launched a new ediscovery platform for commercial litigation, called Ukase, aimed at small to medium enterprises.

Ukase provides a central, online and secure location for the management of one or more litigation cases where electronic discovery is a requirement.  

Hartsco was founded by Damian Hartin after a lengthy career working in ediscovery operations for major Australian law firms.

“Many of the ediscovery providers on the market today cater for the to tier law firms and large cases,” said Hartin, “the SME market is overlooked.

“Major ediscovery vendors are focussed on cases where the size of the matter means there is no option but to handle discovery electronically because of the sheer wight of numbers of documents. However many smaller cases can be assisted by full text searching and native review.”

Ukase offers a component based search model coupled with a streamlined review system. Hartsco will also  modify existing solutions or create custom solutions as required.

Hartin said: “We believe we have the knowledge, feature set and experience to be able to provide leading technology solutions to Australian law firms and commercial firms alike.

“We are in a unique position in that we have developed this software in-house and maintain a local software development team. This means that we can quickly customise and enhance our offerings as required to suit our client’s needs.  As far as I am aware, no other provider in this market segment can compete on those grounds.”

Hartsco streamlines the eDiscovery review process with  “One Pass” - “Single Click” review.  Coupled with early case assessment and targeted document collection, this feature reduces time and costs during the discovery process.  

“Historically law firms want to take ownership of the discovery process, but Ukase offers organisations the ability to take control of the process of making documents available to a legal team.

“It makes sense for those in charge of managing information to handle the ediscovery.”  or email