Digital mailroom delivers for CGU

Australian insurer CGU is forging a way ahead in the digital era with a digital mailroom solution from Iron Mountain. 

CGU Insurance is the largest provider of general insurance to Australia’s regional and rural communities and has been operating in Australia for more than 160 years. It offers commercial, rural and personal insurance products through a network of over 1000 insurance brokers and authorised representatives. 

Historically, both claims and policies have been managed in hard copy format. However all paperwork that arrives at the firm will now be scanned by Iron Mountain on a Kofax platform. Images will be transmitted via secure FTP from Iron Mountain for ingestion into CGU's workflow system. 

Daniel Warren-Smith, General Manager -Information Processing Services at Iron Mountain Australia, said “We are pleased to be appointed as national scan partner for CGU, helping with their migration to a digital processing platform.” 

Iron Mountain is providing CGU with an automate data capture solution to handle in excess of 20,000 images per day that arrive at a dedicated PO Box. 

The Digital Mailroom solution will automate and accelerate the distribution of paper-based mail. 

The end-to-end solution incorporates document scanning in all states around Australia, automated document classification and data extraction. 

After each page is scanned, the Kofax software captures the single-page TIFF files produced by the scanner and converts them into multi-page, searchable (OCR), compressed PDF files, or PDF/A for document retention. Following classification at CGU Insurance, each document is then automatically routed to the appropriate employee or group for immediate action via their document management solution. 

In addition to automation and the classification of digital mail, the solution produced a more efficient image document. PDF conversion is a benefit for both users and the IT department. Converting documents into compressed, searchable PDF files enables users to locate text within paper-based documents instantly. Compression enables users to transmit and access files in a fraction of the time. From an IT perspective, compression generates files with reduced storage size that require less network bandwidth.