Mixed Mail solution cuts costs for "Lockbox" Processor

RP Solutions, Inc., a remittance processing solutions provider and OPEX Corporation, a provider of high-speed document imaging and mail centre automation equipment, have detailed a successful implementation of their integrated Mixed Mail Processing solution at Bill2Pay.

Bill2Pay.is a large US "lockbox" processor,  a service provided to large companies that ask a bank or financial institution to handle their transactions.

Bill2Pay has since shortened their processing day, reallocated operations staff and reduced hardware maintenance costs, with a claimed 15% savings in operating expenses.

Mixed Mail Processing allows incoming mail to be scanned without labour-intensive presorting.  Bill2Pay's solution includes ExpertRPS, RP Solutions' flagship remittance processing software, 3 OPEX AS7200i document scanners with integrated mail extraction and 2 OPEX AS180 payment automation workstations. Each OPEX workstation performs both mail opening and image scanning.  ExpertRPS then identifies each document, extracts the necessary data and processes each transaction. 

"Bill2Pay has been using ExpertRPS for 12 years and has always placed a high priority on efficiency," said David Johnson , President, RP Solutions.  

"With our Mixed Mail Processing solution, we streamlined their operation by combining mail extraction, document imaging, recognition and sorting into a single process.  ExpertRPS is fully integrated with OPEX's ScanLink interface so our software communicates with the devices in realtime resulting in smooth operations for our customers."

"There were a dozen devices for mail opening and image scanning at Bill2Pay.  Mail had to be sorted, prepped and handled multiple times," said Jeff Geshay , Administrator of Partner Relationships for OPEX Corporation.  

"We're pleased Bill2Pay standardised on OPEX's mail centre automation equipment.  Partnering with RP Solutions, we've turned their lockbox operation into a leading showcase for Mixed Mail Processing."

Bill2Pay, part of Intuition Systems, processes over 30 million remittance payments annually at two locations in Florida. 

 "This savings helps us maintain our competitive offering while mail volumes decrease and other costs continue to increase," says Kathy Wilson , Director of Operations at Bill2Pay.