Objective heads west with Health Corporate Network

Around 650 staff at Western Australia's Health Corporate Network (HCN) are now tackling their shared services role for the WA Department of Health with an Objective CMS.

HCN processes up to 6000 transactions daily for all employees working for WA Health.

Simon Watts, Director of the WA Health Corporate Applications Program, HCN, said: “99% of the documents we receive at HCN are a transaction request. The inefficient legacy processes affected all areas of HCN’s operations, it was challenging for our staff to process transactions in a timely manner. It was an inefficient use of our staff and resources.”

Objective is used across most business units of HCN. It is used by all transaction staff in areas such as payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable and purchasing. HCN made a conscious effort to minimise and prevent any backlogs that could occur during the project rollout and adjustment period.

With Objective, the HCN project team have created group workflows for each business unit to streamline and automate HCN’s business processes. The workflow enhances the productivity of the organisation and as a result there has been a visible improvement inHCN’s servicedelivery.

“The time taken to process invoices has been significantly reduced and improved for HCN. Once an invoice is received by HCN, it is now processed into the Finance system within two days. Prior to Objective, the processing of an invoice within HCN could take up to 30 days,” said Watts.

Objective provides HCN with the capability to report on KPIs such as when transactions are received and processed into the HR and financial systems. This has provided management with increased visibility on the performance of each area and assisted with managing the workload of staff and business units.

Staff are able to prioritise transactions or escalate processing requests, meaning less stressand frustration as they can focus on doing their jobs.

“HCN has seen many benefits as a result of implementing Objective. Our staff are able to create, organise and share documents within a single repository. We have almost totally replaced our manual paper distribution system, with only 13% of inbound documents still being distributed as paper.” said Watts.

Objective has also enabled HCN to better measure the quality of the incoming transactional documents. For example forms those have not been completed properly, or have been delayed in delivery to the organisation.