Nuix eDiscovery adds Web Review & Analytics

Nuix has extended its eDiscovery product range to include Nuix Web Review & Analytics. This new web application allows corporate IT and legal teams and litigation service providers to conduct fast, collaborative eDiscovery review and quickly establish the key facts and merits of any case.

Nuix Web Review & Analytics delivers online review capabilities with flexible role-based security from any web browser. Customers can distribute documents for review to specific case teams, lawyers, subject matters experts and third parties.  Allowing multiple parties to collaborate on a single case file avoids the delays and complications of moving or exporting data into another tool.

 “Nuix’s web and desktop eDiscovery applications give organisations the flexibility to work the way they want across the discovery process,” said Eddie Sheehy, CEO of Nuix. “The speed and flexibility of our technology enable organisations to meet deadlines and set a winning strategy from the outset.

“Web access to Nuix case files has been a much-requested feature. The analytics and visualisations included in the same license are a potent tool for anyone who wants to quickly understand large volumes of data.”


With Nuix eDiscovery technology, organisations can collect, process and review data and answer the fundamental questions of any new case: Is the claim true, what is the risk exposure, is the case worth pursuing, and what strategy to adopt. They can now use the Nuix Director web application for template and process automation, Nuix Web Review & Analytics for rapid collaboration or the powerful eDiscovery Workbench desktop application for power users—all from the same case file.

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