Unstructured data analytics with ZL Unified Archive 8

ZL Technologies has announced the availability of version 8.0.1 of its ZL Unified Archive, a  single-platform approach to archiving, eDiscovery, compliance and supervision, records management, and storage requirements designed to add leverage in analytics. ZL says UA's approach to consolidating data resources into an aggregated pool of single data copies provides a revolutionary foundation for application of unstructured analytics within the living business environment. It says while competing solutions create or attempt to integrate disparate "silos" of data, ZL UA takes a unified approach by eliminating siloed architecture and ensuring that only one data copy is stored, retention policies are coordinated, and one consistent search is performed.

Feature Enhancements include:

ZL ZooKeeper Service: Adds system monitoring tools, one-step disaster recovery, and streamlined server configuration.

ZL Discovery Manager: ZL custodian collection offers the tools to perform ad-hoc collections during the eDiscovery early case assessment (ECA) process in addition to analysing the proactively-processed data already in the archive. Enhanced features in custodian preservations and workflows help slash redundancy for large firms facing frequent litigation.

ZL Records Manager: New policy engines allow for expanded automation of records management classification, utilising custom email and file attributes, lexicons, and more to tackle massive-scale classification with both granularity and ease. Faster Microsoft SharePoint crawl speeds help rein in the potential sprawl of collaborative environments.

ZL End User Mailbox: Tools allow end users to manage and delete data from their personal view of the archive, while still providing legal, compliance, and records admins full control over lifecycle management of data. Calendar item search enhancements and Label View for Google Mail (Gmail) help users find the items they need with maximum efficiency.

Data Capture: ZL UA 8.0.1 continues to actively expand on the data types supported for capture including Gmail calendars and tasks, OCR conversion policies, cloud-based Microsoft SharePoint capture, expanded Office 365 support, and more.

System Administration:  Optimization of ZL data processing and updates to task management further enhance the scalability of the ZL UA platform.

High Performance Big Data API: ZL's high performance API kit provides programmatic access to an organization's information using simple, powerful, and secure application programming interfaces, allowing the business to adapt data collection as needed.

"Information governance and information analytics are not two distinct business needs; they are fundamentally intertwined," remarked Kon Leong, CEO of ZL Technologies. "As large businesses look to leverage unstructured content such as emails and files for analytics, they increasingly discover that disparate architecture stands in their way. ZL Technologies has long held that a unified approach maximizes the value of data, and our most recent product developments remain true to that visionary commitment."