Whitebox opens up permissions administration

A data access governance solution from Whitebox Security has been enhanced by adding in the ability to administer permissions, allowing IT to manage access to critical systems on an individual or bulk basis for enhanced compliance.

“We’ve been tracking the access management market for a long time, and we recognized a way to simplify access fulfilment for our clients,” said CEO Maor Goldberg. “Now, IT can manage permissions more quickly and with lower overhead with our new module.” 

The new feature further automates compliance across file servers, NAS devices and SharePoint. After an access review, the system will remove the rejected entitlements directly, without requiring the administrators to manually make the changes to each system, greatly streamlining the process. 

Business users can rapidly access the information they require with the enhanced self-service access request methods. The first is a wizard that allows a user to request permissions, and upon approval, the system automatically updates access. The second can be used within the natural work environment.

When an employee comes across a resource in her purview but for which he or she doesn’t have access, they can simply right click the resource to request access. Nothing needs to be installed on the endpoint. 

A standard feature of Whitebox Security’s system is a “What If” simulation, where permissions can be tested to proactively determine the effects will result from the required change. Should the simulation be acceptable, the administrator can simply accept the changes, which will automatically be implemented.

“Ultimately, the key to protecting data and managing compliance is to ensure it’s easy to do,” and we deliver streamlined, user friendly data access governance,” concluded Goldberg.


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