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Research by Bain & Company finds that while executives embarking on digital transformation have historically focused on speed, the ability to scale is rising as an imperative

Box has added native e-signature capability, to users of its Business and Enterprise plans at no additional cost. Box Sign delivers unlimited signatures and a set of APIs, enabling businesses to digitise and modernize the way agreements are managed and governed in the cloud.

TDWI, a provider of education and research for analytics and data management, has launched a new online assessment tool for evaluating an enterprise’s level of data literacy. This questionnaire aims to objectively measure how well employees understand and interact with their data - and communicate the results of their analysis - enabling them to meet their organisation’s analytics needs.

iText’s template-based PDF generator, iText DITO, is now available in AWS Marketplace. iText chose to make iText DITO available on AWS because it offers a simple, scalable way to deploy iText DITO SDK and close integration with other tools on its platform. 

Data and analytics leaders know that without good governance, their investments in data and analytics will fail to meet key organizational demands such as revenue growth, cost optimization and better customer experience.What D&A leaders urgently need are data governance best practices and practical steps to create an effective foundation for data and analytics.

An annual survey of some 13,500 firms in the European Union (EU) has found it is lagging behind the US in digitalisation, as 37% of European firms had still not adopted any advanced digital technology by 2020, compared with 27% in the United States.

Did you miss the Microsoft Inspire keynote this year? Have no fear! Click here for a full rundown of the most important highlights.

Objective Corporation has reported a stellar financial performance in the past financial year, with its share price rising rapidly over 2021 to push the personal wealth of founder, CEO and majority shareholder Tony Walls past the $A1 billion dollar mark.

In many organisations, the path to an AI-enablement is littered with mistakes, false starts and wasted investment. In an environment where 70% of digital transformations fail, it is crucial to maximise the likelihood of success by learning from others who have gone through this journey. 

The infrastructure as a service (IaaS) market in Australia grew 40.4% in 2020 to more than $A1.4 billion in total revenue, up from $A1 billion in 2019, according to Gartner, Inc. Amazon retained the No. 1 position in the local IaaS market in 2020, followed by Microsoft and Google.