Enterprise Applications

For the University of Sydney, digital transformation has been underway since well before the topic achieved buzzword status. With the Legal and Compliance division leading the way, the University has achieved a wide variety of process transformations by expanding the reach and utilisation of its record-keeping system, TRIM/Content Manager.

We commonly accept that Enterprise Architecture is informed by business strategy. This assumption is deeply embedded in our mainstream methodologies, so why do so many architectural projects go wrong at great operational and financial cost?

This week, Micro Focus released a whitepaper in conjunction with IDC on the topic of digital transformation (DX).  IDC compiled information for this study from hundreds of interviews, and their annual survey of tens of thousands of IT and business decision makers, making them a top authority on digitally transforming the enterprise. 

A major international company with an office in Perth is facing a $30 million ransom demand from cyber criminals who have locked its computer system in Australia, forcing the company to stop trading.

After the news that 4 members of the Chinese armed forces were indicted by the US Department of Justice for the 2017 Equifax cyberattack, the company has announced details of a $US1 billion+ security and technology transformation project.

Microsoft has responded to the Corona virus epidemic with tools to assist remote working, while SafeGuard Cyber is offrering a free 60 day trial of its SaaS collaboration security platform to extend protection to apps that sit outside an organisation’s firewall.

New Zealand is moving its citizen digital identity-checking service from a custom-made, legacy platform to the Azure cloud by June 30, 2020

The NSW auditor general has called for the Office of Local Government to develop a cyber security policy to ensure a consistent response across councils after finding 80% don’t have a cyber security framework.

Cuspera.com, an artificial intelligence-based platform, has launched an AI-based advisor Wyz (pronounced WISE) to help business managers discover software solutions specific to their business need and context. The company claims it can reduce the time to find the right software product from months or years to a few minutes, while also reducing the risk of a wrong selection.

Between January 2017 and January 2020, DocsCorp reports a 181% increase in the users of its document comparison software compareDocs. The number of individual companies using compareDocs nearly doubled in that same period.