Brainspace text analytics adds Predictive Coding

Brainspace has announced an addition to its text analytics platform with the launch of Brainspace Discovery 5.2, adding adding supervised machine learning for document classification.

Brainspace leverages patented concept search and document clustering methodologies to create multiple methods of active learning, incorporating both diversity and density of documents. This approach aims to enable fast, best-in-class results for use in e-discovery, digital forensics, investigations and large-scale text analytics applications.

David Copps, Brainspace CEO states, "With this new release of Discovery 5, we have developed a unique approach to document classification. We've incorporated active learning to accelerate system training, added depth for recall for planning and cost analysis, and are delivering best-in-class matching results. This is an important, differentiating release for Discovery 5 that has been highly anticipated by our customers."

"The need for text analytics is exploding right now," said Copps. "Companies now realise that the answers to many of their most challenging and critical questions may already exist inside their own textual data. Engaging machine learning and visual analytics to surface and connect with this information is no longer just a good idea, it's a business imperative."

Brainspace Discovery v5.2 is available for purchase and as an upgrade for existing users.

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