Barracuda CudaDrive adds to filesharing pool

Storage solutions provider Barracuda has introduce CudaDrive, a new secure cloud file service for businesses, delivered on desktops via local virtual drive, as well as mobile and web applications.

The company says that unlike sync-only services, CudaDrive differentiates its desktop offering by not requiring that a file be synced locally to access it, helping to preserve valuable storage space.

Storage plans are available by storage capacity with unlimited users, rather than charging by seat or by user.

CudaDrive also includes user data protection for endpoints, and the option to add an appliance for an easy transition from existing corporate file shares.

"We've helped many companies back up and protect server data with Barracuda Backup, and now with CudaDrive, we're able to protect end-user data and provide easy sharing," says Rod Mathews, GM Storage, Barracuda.

"It's not uncommon that users view, share, and store corporate data from many different access points, whether on a smartphone, tablet, or computer, presenting a challenge for companies to ensure that all of this data is protected. CudaDrive helps solve the common business challenge of enabling access to corporate files from any device, while protecting data stored on those devices in the event of a failure or loss."

The CudaDrive experience also can include the addition of an on-premises CudaDrive Site Server, allowing for intelligent bandwidth management for businesses. CudaDrive Site Server provides faster, direct access to files via a local cache, improving speed while on a company's LAN. Further, the appliance enables file server consolidation by sharing files stored in the cloud via network drive shares. This eases the transition from traditional local file servers to CudaDrive cloud storage. With CudaDrive Site Server, users have ubiquitous access to files both in the cloud and stored locally.

CudaDrive pricing starts at $US39.99 per month for 100GB, and all plans include unlimited users.

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