Scalar i6000 tape library doubles density

Quantum has announced new enhancements to the Scalar i6000 tape library, doubling drive density to provide what is claimed to be the most compact LTO storage footprint in the enterprise market, adding unique RESTful web services management capabilities and offering 80 PLUS certified power supplies for efficient power usage.

The new Scalar i6000 design doubles the number of full-height LTO drives that fit into a 19-inch rack footprint, for twice the performance or data access within the same footprint.

Quantum plans to expand Scalar i6000 capacity further in 2016, scaling to more than 15,000 slots, or more than 225PB, in a single system.

The addition of RESTful web services enables Scalar i6000 users to automate configuration and administrative tasks - anything that can be done from the graphical user interface can now be done via web services. The user interface has also been dramatically simplified with a new streamlined layout designed to reduce clicks and display information more efficiently and concisely.

Robert Clark, Senior Vice President, Product Operations, Quantum, said “Quantum is the market leader in open systems tape automation because we understand our customers and where they are headed, and deliver solutions to address their dynamically changing requirements. The Scalar i6000 has the most comprehensive feature set available and is optimized for a broad range of use cases and environments."

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