Catalogic Software advances Data Management automation

Catalogic Software has announced CX 2.2, which delivers major enhancements to the workflow automation and orchestration for copy data creation and use. Additionally, ECX 2.2 will deliver “in-place” copy data management support for major IBM storage platforms, including Storwize, SVC, v9000 and IBM Flash Copy Manager.   

“The functionality of ECX that resonates most with our customers is the ability to leverage their existing storage and virtual server environments to deliver a complete copy data management solution.  ECX is the only data management platform that plugs into their existing infrastructure and allows them to create automated policies and workflows to easily manage what have historically been very time consuming and difficult processes,” said Ed Walsh, CEO, Catalogic Software.

“With the delivery of ECX 2.2, we are taking a huge step forward in simplifying copy data management workflows by allowing storage and virtualization administrators to create customized templates for all of their key processes that involve the creation or use of data copies.”

The customizable workflow management templates delivered in ECX 2.2 address one of the top pain points facing IT organizations today - the complexity of data management, which is impairing the IT team’s ability to meet its commitments across a range of key functions and services.  ECX addresses this directly by allowing the IT team to easily create and use standard templates that deliver automation of critical copy data workflows.  Incorporating these templates within a centralized copy data management platform that is designed to leverage the IT team’s existing infrastructure makes deployment and use non-disruptive.

ECX 2.2 includes a range of new features including:

  • Enhanced Policy-Based Copy Data Management Workflow Automation
  • Copy Data Management for IBM platforms
  • Improved Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • Expanded scalability and performance
  • Improved fault tolerance

Business Solution: