Bryte future for Big Data Analytics on Azure

Cloud Data Replication and Integration specialist Bryte Systems has announced the release of a new solution, BryteFlow CDC for Microsoft’s Azure SQL Data Warehouse designed to enable petabyte scale Big Data analysis. BryteFlow CDC will enable automated, fast and continuous data transfer from various enterprise databases or files to Azure SQL Data Warehouse.    

The company says that with Azure SQL Data Warehouse’s petabyte scale and massively parallel processing architecture, organisations will be able to run queries across billions of records of current data in seconds, resulting in a stream of instant and actionable insights to make better decisions. It will enable SQL queries across both relational and non-relational data and provide a full scale enterprise grade SQL Server experience in Azure with unparalleled scale and elasticity. 

“Azure SQL Data Warehouse offers a high performance, scalable and SQL Server-based platform to consolidate and analyse large datasets from multiple sources at low cost. It is an excellent fit, given our focus on building cloud-based data warehouses and analytics environments”, said Prashant Bhandary, CTO at Bryte Systems. 

“Bryte’s offering will benefit our mutual customers because it makes it easy and affordable to load and start analysing data with Azure SQL Data Warehouse”, said Tiffany Wissner, Senior Director of Data Platform Marketing, Microsoft. “In particular, their Change Data Capture technology will allow organisations to keep their Azure Data Warehouse in-sync with multiple sources, allowing data from many different enterprise databases to be queried in near real time”. 

Bryte’s software will automatically load and integrate data from many sources like SQL Server, Oracle databases, CSVs or XML files and use log based change data capture technology to continuously transfer a stream of incremental changes in near real time to Azure SQL Data Warehouse. It will provide automated integration to convert source data types and automatically build identical schemas and data structures in Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

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