NVivo shines a light on unstructured data

QSR International has updated its NVivo suite of qualitative data analysis software which it says will allow users to capture, manage and analyse huge volumes of accessible unstructured data more effectively than ever before.

Kerri Lee Sinclair, CEO at QSR International, said the new features of the latest NVivo suite – for example automated insights – have been developed in response to rapidly growing data volumes and sources, coupled with increasing time pressures for research projects to be completed.

“Over the last 15 years, the data landscape has changed markedly. A huge amount of data is created on a daily basis – with at least 90% of this information being unstructured or qualitative data, like social media comments and open-ended survey responses. The challenge for people now is organizing this data, and finding meaningful insights from within it,” said Sinclair.

“We designed the new NVivo suite to empower people to leverage the huge volumes of available data and arrive at valuable findings that give them, and their organization, an edge. Whether it’s academic research, determining a response to a new product launch, or evaluating the success of social development programs, NVivo now has a solution tailored to researchers’ specific needs,” adds Sinclair. 

The new NVivo brings innovative flexibility and functionality to qualitative software with the introduction of a range of new product options, including:

  • NVivo for Mac; native Mac software designed for analysing qualitative data, including social media and web content, on a Mac.
  • NVivo 11 Starter for Windows; aimed at students and researchers who need to organise, understand and gain insights from text-based data, presented in an easier to learn and use format.
  • NVivo 11 Pro for Windows; tailored to researchers who need to organize, analyse and understand a wide variety of data, including surveys, video and social media, and ask complex questions of their data. 
  • NVivo 11 Plus for Windows; offers the largest feature set in qualitative research analysis software to assist researchers of all experience levels and needs in obtaining the most in-depth insights from data faster and with less effort. NVivo Plus includes major new features like the ability to organize data by themes and sentiment automatically, and new social network analysis tools.
  • NVivo for Teams; exclusively designed to assist with real-time collaborative work across larger projects, making sure teams are working effectively to drive the strongest possible insights.

“Each option in the new NVivo suite is targeted at the needs of specific users. For example, the creation of NVivo Plus has been driven by the growing qualitative analysis needs of the global research community who need to complete projects faster. We know that people conducting research are increasingly time poor, so we have developed sophisticated automation tools for NVivo Plus that begins to organize themes and sentiment from projects that have extremely large and complex data,” said Sinclair.


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