kCura announces Relativity 9.3 edicovery software

kCura, developer of the e-discovery software Relativity, has unveiled Relativity 9.3 will become available on November 23 and provide a reimagined interface that gives users control over how they see and interact with their data, so they can better analyse their information and find what they need faster.

It enables the creation of pivot charts and tables from any field of metadata or coding information, which can be saved as widgets to see at a glance where different types of information intersect. Simply click into the widgets to drill into your data even further.

An interactive interface takes the complexity out of building complex searches, letting you quickly add criteria and drag and drop conditions into logic groups.

"Relativity 9.3 is going to change the way our customers work with their data," said Andrew Sieja, president and CEO of kCura. "They now have a seriously powerful data analysis platform to visualize and interact with their growing data sets—and we focused on making it easy for any user. We're excited to see how our customers are going to put it to use."

In total, Relativity 9.3 has 115 new features, including:

  • Greater performance and productivity in Processing, including support for E01 files, as well as the ability to process and extract text with mixed use of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages simultaneously
  • Tighter integration between Relativity Processing and Data Grid, helping you start review sooner than ever, even for the largest cases
  • The ability to store billions of documents per case in Data Grid, Relativity's NoSQL data store, as well as immediate search capabilities while data is loading—so you don't need to build or maintain indexes behind the scenes
  • A revamped production model that automates complex productions, reducing the time delays and common errors that can occur when pushing productions out the door
  • Publicly available APIs for data query and analysis, search construction, and processing, giving developers more flexibility with the platform, such as the ability to build interactive interfaces and programmatically execute processing jobs


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