Indexing platform to ingest enterprise content

RAVN Systems has released a new version of its RAVN Pipeline to provide enterprise-grade indexing for its Elasticsearch search platform.

RAVN Pipeline delivers Extraction, Transformation and Load (ETL) from a wide variety of source repositories including, but not limited to, File systems, e-mail systems, DMS platforms, CRM systems and hosted platforms.

All these can be connected while maintaining document level security when indexing the content into Elasticsearch. Also, compressed archives and other complex data types are supported out of the box, with the ability to retain nested hierarchical structures.

The platform is multi-threaded, highly scalable and can index virtually anything from a single instance, which can be invaluable when indexing from cloud-based repositories or into a cloud-based Elasticsearch instance.

RAVN Pipeline is GUI driven and easy-to-use allowing non-specialists to confidently set up indexing jobs and adjust existing ones.

As data is being indexed, RAVN Pipeline can enrich data, such as, auto-tagging, classification and other system call outs.

Business Solution: