Email export tool assists litigation

A new version of Aid4Mail from Switzerland’s Fookes Software is optimised to export email status information from Google Apps Vault and Google Takeout mbox files. It is also now compatible with Outlook 2016.

Version 3.8 of the e-discovery and forensics tool is designed to assist litigation, where email status information can mean the difference between defending a lawsuit, or succumbing to the reasonable suspicion of missing data.

The company claims Aid4Mail is the only solution on the market that can export status information from Google Apps Vault and Google Takeout mbox files. This status information identifies if an email was flagged, unread, opened or deleted.

“Metadata provides the context for email communication”, said Eric Fookes, founder and CEO of Fookes Software Ltd. 

“Just as a journalist can take a quote out of context when writing up an article, email content without status information doesn’t give you the full picture. That is why it’s so important to accurately export this information. So whether you’re prosecuting or defending a suit, you can rely on your data to paint the most accurate picture of your client’s behaviour.”

Although Google Apps Vault and Google Takeout both export mbox files, which previous releases of Aid4Mail could already process, not all mbox files are built alike. This can lead to loss of data when converting these mbox file variants into another file format, a task that’s done daily by e-discovery and forensics professionals.

“Although there are standards for building mbox files, sometimes variations are introduced by application developers. Unless software tools recognize those variations, metadata like email status information and storage dates are lost during conversion”, said Fookes. “But with this Aid4Mail update, proprietary metadata in mbox files from Google Apps Vault and Google Takeout is handled correctly.”

The full list of Aid4Mail improvements include:

  • Export of email status information (read, replied, flagged) from Google Apps Vault and Google Takeout mbox files
  • Extraction of email storage dates from Google Apps Vault and Google Takeout mbox files
  • Compatibility with Outlook 2016
  • Restore folder structure from Google Apps Vault mbox files
  • Faster processing of Backupify mbox files

A free trial of Aid4Mail is available from the Aid4Mail website at

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