Dragon Professional manages speech recognition

Nuance Communications Australia has announced the availability of Dragon Professional Group, its enterprise-ready speech recognition software for professionals across multiple industries.

Dragon Professional Group – part of Nuance’s recently announced suite of Dragon Professional products – includes a number of features that help busy professionals across many industries reduce the time spent on administrative tasks and documentation, minimise or eliminate reliance on costly transcription services, while improving a user’s productivity. It also offers:

  • Fast and accurate dictation, which boosts productivity by being up to three times faster than typing.
  • Improved transcription capabilities for tasks like transcribing recorded notes, which can reduce transcription time and costs or eliminate transcription services completely.
  • Customisation capabilities that further improve accuracy of dictation and transcription and speed up repetitive tasks, including adding and sharing additional custom words and auto-texts (a frequently-used text passage such as a client or work order description).
  • Support for Citrix virtualised environments.
  • An improved “What can I say?” feature, which provides helpful context-sensitive suggestions for words and commands to use as a person is dictating.

The Nuance User Management Centre for centralised administration enables enterprises to track employee usage of Dragon Professional Group, redistribute licenses based on employee use, and manage or share customisations, including custom words, commands and auto-texts, across multiple Dragon users.


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