Nuix helps investigators progress beyond keywords

Nuix has launched three upgrades to its investigation product line, adding functionality for cybersecurity incident response and data visualisations that help investigators find key facts quickly without relying on keyword searches.

“We surveyed forensic investigators around the world and found most of them were worried that keyword searches took too long to develop, too long to review, and risked missing important evidence,” said Eddie Sheehy, CEO of Nuix.

“They’re looking for ways to see patterns and anomalies within the data, correlate findings across multiple evidence sources and cases, and quickly drill down to the key facts.”

Nuix Investigation & Response is a major enhancement to Nuix Investigator Workstation, combining all the functionality of the company’s core investigative product with advanced visual analytics and innovative features for cybersecurity incident response. The Nuix Context interface automatically extracts and groups the most important forensic artifacts and gives investigators new ways to slice and dice evidence to get better results, faster.

Nuix aims to drive greater speed and scale by offering Elasticsearch as an alternative alongside its traditional database structure.  This new option in Nuix 7 will make it possible for investigators to search and correlate across even larger volumes of Nuix case files simultaneously.

A new user interface is being added to Nuix Web Review & Analytics, as well as further improvements to security controls and a taxonomy system to help automate common workflows.

“Nuix is always innovating to find ways to deliver better value and more functionality to the law enforcement and investigative communities who face ever-growing volumes of digital evidence and seemingly impossible caseloads,” said Sheehy.

“Our investigation customers will gain powerful new capabilities with their existing Nuix licenses that will make it easier for them to find the critical links between people, objects, locations, and events that lead to the key facts and identify the perpetrators.”

Nuix 7, Nuix Investigation & Response, and the upgraded Nuix Web Review & Analytics will be available in April 2016. The results of Nuix’s forensic investigator survey will also be published in April.

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