PSIGEN Releases PSIcapture 6.0

PSIGEN Software has released PSIcapture 6.0, a new version of the company’s flagship capture product featuring a new user interface.

The new UI promises a more intuitive user experience, without compromising the robust functionality of the program. Users are able to customise the UI to suit their needs, by choosing an application theme and deciding whether or not to display the module icons and enable certain toolbars.

“It’s fantastic to see the new user interface for the PSIGEN product overlaying the amazing feature set the product already has at its core.” said Steven Chenery, CEO of Asia Pacific distributor UpFlow. 

“It’s engaging and will provide users and administrators a whole new user experience to drive efficiencies into their day to day environment.”

The capture profile configuration has been simplified, which will help reduce the time it takes users to set up the capture workflow. A notable component of this simplification is the removal of the “next” button, which allows users to go back and forth between configuration steps as needed.

The application toolbar has been replaced with a ribbon containing easily identifiable icons and command descriptions. Selecting a tab summons the ribbon drop down for that item, and the user can choose to permanently expand the ribbon should they need to access those items frequently. A customisable quick access toolbar can be added to the interface to make any ribbon item easily accessible.

PSIcapture 6.0 is now available for existing users to upgrade. For more information on PSIcapture 6.0 or other PSIGEN products, contact UpFlow.

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