Scanning & Capture

Imaging Australia New Zealand (IANZ) has announced a partnership with e-ImageData Corporation to provide the company’s cutting-edge microfilm scanners to its customers throughout Australia and New Zealand that utilize archival scanning.

The TWAIN Working Group (TWG) and the PDF Association, have announced PDF/R (a.k.a. PDF/raster), an ISO-standardized format for storing, transporting and exchanging multi-page raster-image documents, such as scanned documents and photographs.

Digital Transformation is the ideology of the year for businesses reliant on document-intensive work. Countless organisations of all sizes and industries have shifted their processes to find solutions that provide fast, reliable, and secure ways to get data into their systems. Cloud capture has become a driving force for implementing digital strategies this year with good reason. Digitising data right at the point of entry into the document lifecycle makes perfect sense before sending it off to recipients and workflows.

For all the incredible technological leaps and bounds we’ve made in the past few decades, we haven’t been able to bypass the need to transfer information from a document, image, or video to a software system. The task of data entry remains a thorn in the side of any organisation that solves business challenges with technology. has announced Message intelligence 2.1, an intelligent document processing solution (IDP) that provides high accuracy in filtering, classification, and extraction of emails, attachments, and other types of unstructured documents.

Colortrac has introduces new large format scanners, the SmartLF SGi and SmartLF SCi, along with new scanning software, SmartWorks Imaging, to support them. The new scanners are available immediately through Colortrac distributors worldwide.

Kensho announced this week the launch of its latest product, Kensho NERD, a cutting-edge machine learning system that unlocks the full potential of textual data by finding entities mentioned in documents, newsfeeds, or other text and linking each to a corresponding record in a database.

Parascript has added new machine learning capabilities in its updated FormXtra.AI 8.0 Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) product.

The teaming of advanced machine learning technologies with traditional OCR and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), is providing new possibilities for organisations overwhelmed with processing a digital deluge of messages and documents. Frank Volckmar, Managing Director of TCG Australia and New Zealand, believes the possibilities unleashed by these new cutting-edge technologies have unleashed a new paradigm, variously described as ‘Hyperautomation’ or ‘Capture 2.0’.

Kodak Alaris has expanded its document capture portfolio with the launch of a new line of low-volume production scanners. IDM took a look at a model in the new Kodak S3000 series which provides the entry level into A3 scanning.