Scanning & Capture

Inotec has introduced the new SCAMAX SORTER which enables the scanning and sorting of documents into up to five sorting trays: in just one pass; at full scanning speed; directly at the desk. The sorting attachment for its SCAMAX 3×1 and 6×1 document scanner series enables users to digitize and sort mixed stacks according to numerous criteria and events in a single pass.

Document Capture Technologies (DCT) has announced the SimpleECM Mobile Document Capture Software Development Kit (SDK), allowing developers a simplified tool to incorporate document capture functionality into their iOS, Android, and Kindle apps.

Ricoh has announced the acquisition of, a German software startup, offering artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled Intelligent Capture, advanced image recognition and optical character recognition (OCR) technologies. The acquisition was made by Ricoh Group company DocuWare, also headquartered in Germany, which Ricoh acquired in 2019.

Intelligent document processing (IDP) is rapidly transforming enterprises around the world, and the nature and variety of business use cases is expanding along with the technology. IDP is no longer just a downstream business process; it intersects with other technologies and applications, offering powerful user workflows directly within BPM, RPA, ERP, and CRM systems.

Mindee has announced the release of docTI (Document Tailored Intelligence), an AI-powered optical character recognition (OCR) tool designed to revolutionize the way SaaS products process documents. The company claims it is the first intelligent document processing (IDP) tool on the market to allow the processing of any document type, in any language, without the requirement of data model training.

The Eigen Technologies (Eigen) intelligent document processing (IDP) solution is now available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, enabling streamlined deployment and management of Eigen’s technology for Microsoft customers.

Planet AI, a developer of cognitive software solutions, has announced the release of IDA 5.2. The latest version offers improvements for document capture, classification, and extracting data from unstructured documents.

Symmetry Systems, a data security company, has announced the launch of its advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) image analyzer which can uncover and secure business-critical images across a hybrid cloud including all unstructured data object stores, including OneDrive, Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Azure Blob Storage, and Snowflake.

Every industry and area of technology has its own jargon - the words, phrases, and abbreviations that are largely meaningless to outsiders but common to the people within each sector. In our industry, the difference between two terms often requires clarification: document capture, and intelligent document processing, or IDP. These terms are related, but quite different in their scope.

Formstack is seeking to boost its position in the in the data capture and forms market with the acquisition of US forms provider, Formsite. Over the past few years, Formstack has expanded its data capture capabilities to include document creation and management, electronic signature capture, and visual workflow building, enabling users to tap into powerful, end-to-end workflow automation.