Microform scanning at HD resolution

Crowley Company has released the Uscan+ HD, the next generation in the UScan+ line of universal microform scanners. It is claimed to have the highest resolution on the market for this scanner type with an 18 megapixel image sensor for maximum image clarity. Microform includes: microfilm; microfiche; aperture cards; photo negatives; slides and more.

 “The technology surrounding microfilm scanners has advanced significantly over the past few years. The market now demands features such as scan-to-cloud, Interlibrary Loan (ILL) compatibility and smart editing,” said Crowley vice president of sales and marketing, Matthew McCabe.

“These features are important advancements for users, but of little advantage in scanners with slow processing interfaces or poor image quality. The UScan+ HD’s 18 megapixel image sensor couples with a USB 3.0 interface to offer a scanning solution at an unmatched quality with unbeatable speed for both walk-up patrons and back office use.”

Markets include libraries, universities, historical societies and other record-keeping institutions, particularly those that offer walk-up scanning services. End-user examples include students scanning research materials, genealogists pursuing historical references, investors seeking financial records and people researching deeds and other property history.

Efficiency is a key element in the UScan+ series, says McCabe. “All units are delivered with walk-up training videos so that any user can easily navigate the reading, scanning and saving process. The unit is set up to facilitate any level of user knowledge and to grow with users as their scanning needs become more diverse and perhaps greater in volume. In a back office setting, the operator can enable the camera with a timed auto-capture for fiche scanning, meaning that the unit will scan images at a specified pace. This allows for larger batches of scans to be processed at one time.”

A custom-engineered accessory stand (see right) positions the scanner and touchscreen as a compact station, mimicking older reader/printers. Original models of reader/printers positioned the scanned image on a small screen directly above the reader.

“Call it nostalgia or a convenient design that has proven itself again,” remarks Moule. “Users are drawn to a set-up they understand. Combining the familiar with the new ̶ such as touchscreens and Windows 10 operating system compatibility ̶ are just a few of the ways Crowley is integrating the familiar with the latest technology.”

InoTec Pty Ltd (IPL) is the distributor in Australia and New Zealand


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