State Library of NSW upgrades microfilm scanners

DatacomIT has recently completed an upgrade of 10 microfilm scanners to the latest STViewScan III at the State Library of NSW public access area, to enable patrons to view, print and scan to USB, records and information found on the vast collection of microfilm and microfiche from within the library.

State Library of NSW have a total of 38 STViewScan units installed by DatacomIT over the last 3 years, choosing to upgrade 10 of these units to the latest STViewScan III so to provide their patrons with the latest and best available microfilm viewing and scanning equipment available.

The new high resolution camera will allow patrons to see more details in the film as well as digitally zoom in closer than ever before.

Another significant advancement is the full colour microfilm scanning. The STViewScan III creates fantastic images from 35mm colour slides. The colour scanning capability of the STViewScan III makes it a favourable multi-functional tool for most institutions.

The STViewScan III makes history come alive and turns  archives to more dynamic, accessible and user friendly resource.

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