AccessData updates eDiscovery and forensics suite

AccessData Group has announced the simultaneous releases of AD eDiscovery 6.1 and FTK 6.1, as well as AD Lab 6.1, the company's solution for large agencies with extensive, data-intensive caseloads. These releases feature enhanced data collection, improved automation and a 68 percent average increase in indexing speed.

The performance speed improvement was an average calculated in AccessData labs when using the integrated AccessData portfolio of products and a minimum of eight physical cores for hardware.

"Corporate investigation teams and in-house legal departments face major challenges when processing complex data collected during litigation and digital investigations," said Nadine Weiskopf, vice president of product management for AccessData.

"With so much data lurking in so many places, getting that relevant evidence from collection to analysis is crucial. The enhanced versions we released today for AD eDiscovery 6.1 and the FTK 6.1 suite will help our customers process data faster, analyse it more efficiently and better maintain its integrity."

AD eDiscovery equips corporate IT and corporate legal teams with a software platform to conduct data collection, enterprise search, preservation, litigation holds, data processing, early data assessment and complete legal review. The product is designed to help corporate customers mitigate risk, ensure compliance, improve incident response efficiency and reduce overall data processing costs.

With the new 6.1 version, users can quickly collect data in the cloud from Office 365, SharePoint and OneDrive for Business, complementing the existing capabilities of the software with Office 365 Exchange, and is equipped with faster indexing and processing speeds that can be unleashed on data.

AD eDiscovery 6.1 also automates collection refreshes, enabling users to schedule collections for specific times and identify the differences between what's already in the collection set and what has changed.

FTK (Forensic Toolkit) is a digital investigations platform built to help users find relevant evidence faster, increase analysis speed and reduce backlogs. AD Lab is a large-scale investigations and processing engine for when they need to handle massive datasets and various data types, and run multiple cases at the same time.

FTK and AD Lab 6.1 speed up the transition from collection to review by deploying automated, sequential document ID numbering across data sets; this new feature also improves data integrity and defensibility in litigation. Moreover, to support growing global discovery and digital investigations, the new version now collects and processes FoxMail and FlashMail, two common email types in China. In addition, FTK 6.1 products integrate with Dell Protection (Credant), which enables customers to collect data from certain encrypted computers, and the ability to decrypt items from VeraCrypt has been added to the Password Recovery Toolkit in FTK.

"The new release of these products will enable our customers to more quickly get their hands on the most important evidence in a digital investigation so they can begin the important analysis they need to do," said Victor Limongelli, CEO at AccessData .

For more information about AD eDiscovery 6.1 or the FTK 6.1 suite, visit .

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