New release of Forensic Triage software

ADF Solutions has released Triage-Investigator, the latest evolution of its digital forensic triage tool designed for field deployment. Triage-Investigator has a proven track record of providing investigators with easy, quick access to court-defendable evidence to process criminal cases. 

Designed to work either as a stand-alone solution or with Digital Evidence Investigator, ADF’s flagship digital forensic tool, Triage-Investigator provides a forensic ecosystem where forensic labs can leverage investigators to process and triage computers and digital devices. More important, forensic labs can control and manage usage by investigators to minimize risk and maintain forensic integrity.

“Given the limited resources forensic teams have to address increasing caseloads and evolving technology, Triage-Investigator provides the means for law enforcement to leverage investigators in the field and streamline the forensic workflow,” said Brian Hedquist, vice president of marketing, ADF Solutions.

This provides investigators and forensic labs a winning combination to reduce forensic backlogs and process cases faster.”

Key Triage-Investigator capabilities include:
• Extreme ease of use and forensically sound, with minimum training required. 
• Easy, quick generation of prosecution-ready reports.
• Seamless integration with ADF’s DEI to access customized Search Profiles and large hash sets of known suspect files (tested with over 30 million), including Project VIC and CAID.
• Powerful booting (including UEFI secure boot and Macs), providing access to internal storage that cannot be easily removed from computers. 
• Powerful out-of-the-box, pre-configured Search Profiles. 
• Full control over investigator workflow, minimizing risk and maintaining forensic integrity.

More information is available here.

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