Triage-G2 for portable two-step forensics

ADF Solutions, a provider of digital forensic and media exploitation tools, has released Triage-G2, which employs a simple two-step process to rapidly scan, extract, and analyse critical intelligence from computers and digital devices.

The tool can be deployed on existing computing devices and on a small portable USB key that does not require dedicated computer hardware. The collected data can then be easily distributed via portable reports or ingested into data repositories, which include Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination Systems (PED).

“Military agencies and special operations forces have to conduct site exploitation operations under a wide range of situations, including extreme conditions,” said J.J. Wallia, CEO and Co-Founder, ADF Solutions.

“Triage-G2 is a very easy to use, fast, and extremely portable exploitation tool, providing field operators the capability to accomplish site exploitation mission objectives.”

Key Triage-G2 capabilities include:

• extreme ease of use, with minimum training required (one-half to one day);
• portable, lightweight deployment utilizing a rugged USB key;
• immediate identification and analysis of actionable intelligence by leveraging highly scalable watch lists;
• easy ingestion of collected data into other data repositories;
• automatic production and collation of intelligence reports;
• powerful booting (including UEFI secure boot and Macs), providing access to internal storage that cannot easily be removed; and
• both forensically sound and stealth mode (to support covert operations) capabilities.

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