Social SafeGuard 5.0 remediates bad posts

Version 5.0 of the Social SafeGuard Platform adds social profile supervision and monitoring to enhance security and compliance. The Social SafeGuard Platform is also now able to be deployed across any cloud environment, or as an on-premise solution.

In addition to security, compliance and data archival, Social SafeGuard provides a solution to know when account profile changes are unauthorised, and the ability to take automated remediation action. Users can leverage rollback features to increase overall security of profiles.

Additionally, Social SafeGuard is offers the ability to integrate with existing or planned risk management practices.

“Until now, effectively monitoring unauthorised changes or potentially malicious updates in social profiles, beyond posts, has been challenging for security, compliance and even brand teams,” said Jim Zuffoletti, CEO, Social SafeGuard.

“Now, in addition to the identification of social content risks, and the discovery of unknown social assets, the Social SafeGuard platform can detect and monitor for unsanctioned modifications. We’re excited also about our ability to give customers the flexibility in how they want to deploy and integrate our latest version of the Social SafeGuard Platform. These latest enhancements demonstrate our commitment to support customers across digital risk management initiatives, as well as compliance, within an adaptive security model.”

Archiving this data is essential for organisations who supervise social usage with the Social SafeGuard Platform, as it will enable administrators to know the exact state of social accounts, account history and legacy data on information found in other feeds.

Supported social platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Google+.