AccessData updates eDiscoveryPlatform

AccessData Group has announced the release of AD eDiscovery 6.2, a new version of its software platform that helps corporate customers better mitigate risk, ensure compliance, improve incident response efficiency and reduce overall data processing costs.

"The new version of AD eDiscovery features an innovative HTML 5 dashboard -- developed based on specific customer feedback -- that provides users with a single, comprehensive window into the status of collection, processing, litigation holds and document review," said Victor Limongelli, chief executive officer of AccessData.

AD eDiscovery 6.2 also includes a 22 percent increase in processing speed, enhanced password decryption support for various Internet browser applications, agent support for multiple computer operating systems and increased scalability.

In addition, Limongelli announced the rollout of the new 6.2 version of Summation, a web-based e-discovery review solution that will deliver significant gains in data processing speed. Summation supports the post-data collection stages of the e-discovery process and enables secure collaboration, regardless of where any member of the litigation team is located.

Earlier this month, AccessData released new versions of its digital forensics software products, AD Lab 6.2, FTK 6.2 and AD Enterprise 6.2. The latest version of AD Lab takes advantage of more distributed processing engines to enable users to process digital evidence four times faster than before.

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