TextGrabber 6.0 for iOS adds Real-Time Recognition

ABBYY has launched its TextGrabber 6.0 app, one that allows smartphone users to quickly and accurately convert a text contained in a photo or video into digital, editable text.

The new version utilises ABBYY’s Real-Time Recognition technology to capture printed text in 61 languages with recognition performed on the device, so no Internet connection is needed.

The digitised text instantly becomes actionable: it can be copied, edited, shared (email, text message, Facebook, Twitter, Evernote), translated into 104 languages or read using VoiceOver.

All the URLs, phone numbers, email addresses, street addresses, times and dates become clickable for the user to easily perform the corresponding task – follow, call, email, find on maps or add to calendar. TextGrabber also works as a QR code reader and all the digitised text and QR codes are saved in History, accessible for further use.

The new Real-Time Recognition (RTR) mode recognises text directly on the camera preview screen eliminating the need to take photos. It can digitise text of any color from any background set in natural scenes.

TextGrabber 6.0 will also help visually impaired people to hear virtually any text from print, computer or TV screen with minimum effort or delay.

The current version of TextGrabber (without RTR) is available for $US4.99 on the App Store and for $US9.99 on Google Play. For TextGrabber for iOS, translation is available as a separate  in -app  purchase for $US3.99.  With TextGrabber for Android, translation is included.

Requires Apple iOS 9.0 and above, Android 4.0.3 and above. Recognition is performed on device, but for translation and sharing, an Internet connection is needed.


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