Metaspike releases Forensic Email Collector

The new Forensic Email Collector (FEC) from Metaspike, Inc. is promoted as a robust and full-featured email preservation tool that is also remarkably intuitive. It allows digital forensics and eDiscovery practitioners to follow industry best practices without the associated extra effort.

Target mailboxes can be preserved with minimal configuration and user interaction, complete with detailed documentation and cryptographic hashes.  FEC outputs acquired emails in multiple formats, ready for use in popular eDiscovery and digital forensics tools.

Key features of FEC are as follows:

  • Flexible Connectivity Options - FEC connects to Gmail via Gmail API and Exchange Servers via Exchange Web Services (EWS). This allows for more efficient and high-fidelity data acquisition compared to legacy tools. Additionally, IMAP servers are supported with built-in profiles for many popular providers and customisation options.
  • OAuth Support - Users can have FEC authenticate with Gmail via OAuth 2 instead of using usernames and passwords.
  • Automatic Retries - FEC retries acquisition as many times as desired, downloading only the messages that have not already been preserved. There is no need to go back to square one because of a network or server error.
  • Detailed Reports - Detailed acquisition and exception reports are kept, helping practitioners document their efforts.
  • Flexible Output Options - Preserved emails can be saved in MIME, MSG and PST formats—simultaneously. There is no need to pick only one output format or perform conversions for eDiscovery and digital forensics investigations after the fact.

"We designed FEC so that practitioners can forensically preserve even the largest mailboxes effortlessly and accurately. FEC automatically retries acquisition as many times as you wish. You can even resume a previous project at a later time." said Arman Gungor , Metaspike CEO.

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