Ringtail releases Version 9.2 of ediscovery platform

Social network analytics have been introduced to version 9.2 of the Ringtail e-discovery platform, as well as a pre-configured workspace designed to accelerate the speed and accuracy of early case assessments and investigations.

Legal teams can visualise and review social network and communication patterns found in the data.

In addition to the new social network visualisations, the investigation workspace includes concept clustering, timeline analysis, keyword search, native file viewing and Ringtail's conditional coding palette. This multi-dimensional view into the data is dynamic, meaning investigators can filter data in one view and have the other views in the workspace instantly represent the filtered selection.

"The challenge with investigations is that you don't know what you are looking for and what you don't know," said Skip Walter, Chief Product Officer for Ringtail.

"The Ringtail approach to investigations is to merge the exploration and analysis phase with the document review phase. By combining the two traditionally separate processes into one, we accelerate not only the rate and accuracy of relevant fact-finding, but we speed up the decision-making process by legal teams."

In addition to the new investigations workspace, Ringtail 9.2 includes several enhancements to the document review tools, as well as performance and workflow improvements. Notable updates include:

List documents in the related pane: The optional related documents pane can be added to customised workspaces to list documents that are conceptually similar, in the same email thread and in the same family relationship to the selected document in the search result list.

Apply annotations to an entire document or to specific pages: The image view now supports full-page highlights and redactions that can be applied individually or to an entire document at once.

New data import/export features: Ringtail administration is now faster and easier with improvements to import, ingestion and production, including better suppression during ingestion and support for additional date formats during production.

Language detection during indexing and enrichment: Indexing and enrichment jobs now code the language field with primary and secondary languages.

Improved data up/down speeds for Ringtail Software as a Service ("SaaS") clients: Aspera Fast and Secure Protocol ("FASP") integration improves the speed and reliability of upload/download for Ringtail SaaS users.


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