iManage Introduces Records Manager 10.0

iManage Records Manager 10.0, the newest version of the Information Governance and Records Management solution, offers a new integration with iManage Work 10 and a complete redesign of its user interface.

Administrators can set governance policies, including trigger events, retention periods and disposition rules, as well monitor and enforce compliance on both records and non-records without introducing burden or overhead for today’s busy professional user.

Additional features of iManage Records Manager 10.0 include:

  • Seamless Integration with iManage Work 10: Control risk by managing all iManage Work content in place. Nothing is taken out of iManage Work and stored somewhere else. This helps to reduce storage costs and increase user adoption because professionals know there is only once place to go to find the information they are searching.
  • Single Access for Electronic and Physical Records: Lawyers can work with both electronic and physical content through an intuitive browser based interface. 
  • Manage-in-place capability: Administrators can apply and action disposition policy onto electronic and physical client matter material consistently, regardless of location. Content no longer needs to be moved into the document management system in order to manage its disposition.

“iManage Records Manager 10.0 is a game changer for users that interact with electronic records and physical content,” said Ian Raine, Director of Product Management, iManage. “With this new release, users have a single solution to manage and interact with both types of content through a modern user interface. All these capabilities from a single vendor makes iManage Records Manager your only choice for managing content throughout its entire life-cycle.”


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