Document & Records Management

In most organisations, the records management team and the information security teams are separated, primarily because information security is seen as a technology function, and records management is not. But good records management requires effective security management, and good cybersecurity practice relies on appropriate recordkeeping. By considering the ways in which these two domains intersect, we can make the case for closer collaboration, if not connection, between these roles.

Remote working can be a blessing. More time with family, less commuting, and meetings from the comfort of your living room. But as millions across the world switch to working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they may be putting the security and privacy of themselves, their families and their employers at risk.

Humanforce, a Sydney based global provider of workforce management solutions, has released a free Employee Trace Tool to help all businesses manage and protect their casual employees and the community through the COVID-19 outbreak.The tool, which works in conjunction with any source of timesheet or roster data, enables businesses to quickly and easily ascertain which infected employees worked on what day and time, in what location, and with who.

We recently undertook a survey of Records and Information Management Professionals across Australia, which found only 5% claimed they have enough budget. If you believe your department is underfunded, one of the driving factors could be that your understanding of records and information management is very different from that held by your C-level executives.

Office 365 information governance is about better managing information assets, not just ensuring compliance. I have below tried to summarize some of the most important requirements for improving information governance for Office 365 and beyond. This Office 365 checklist for information governance is part of the information management strategy that I addressed in a previous post.

The working world is experiencing an unprecedented spike in remote work. “We’re being forced into the world’s largest work-from-home experiment and, so far, it hasn’t been easy for a lot of organizations to implement,” says Saikat Chatterjee, Senior Director, Advisory at Gartner.

Many companies and government agencies have already sent employees home to work remotely in response to concerns about the coronavirus.  This week, thousands of additional employers will likely follow suit until concerns about the contagion ease.  The International Association of IT Asset Managers (IAITAM) is warning that most employers may have rushed into making their decision without thinking through how to secure their most sensitive data.

Brother International has announced a partnership with Kofax, providing an embedded solution on selected Brother laser printers, multifunction devices and inkjet models.

Organizations are in a race to understand their risk from regulations for the protection and use of personal data, which are on the rise worldwide. With the GDPR in Europe, the CCPA in California, KVKK in Turkey, and several other regulatory actions being enacted around the world, corporations now face serious fiscal consequences and reputational damage that might follow a potential data breach.

Griffith University will partner with Information Management and Governance (IMG) specialist iCognition to use the firm’s new Office365RMBot to capture, manage and govern information created by Office 365 across the enterprise.