Document & Records Management

Last week, Micro Focus announced that it is partnering globally with Citadel to Deliver Content Manager Select Software as a Service in the cloud based on the Citadel-IX Platform. IDM asked Brandon Voight, Regional Director of Sales, Information Management to outline the new Micro Focus SaaS offering.

There can be a conflict between the desire to remove inactive workspaces and the requirement to retain the content. For example, the IT department may want to retire or delete a Team, but this Team contains information that is still valuable to the organisation despite not being actively used.

US firm Kyndi has launched a new intelligent search product based on its proprietary cloud AI platform. The Cognitive Search Platform is designed to understand the true intent of a business user inquiry against documents, emails, manuals, or other forms of textual data to return contextually relevant answers.

Where’s the best place within your organization to kick off a digital transition? The ideal place is right at the point of document reception for most organisations – the mailroom. A digital mailroom uses document scanning and workflow technology to digitize the secure delivery of mail, resulting in a highly beneficial impact across the entire organization.

In an increasingly uncertain world, getting everyone to maintain sustainability and cash flow is essential. Most companies face a wait time receiving customer payments that could range anywhere from 30 to 90 days to even longer.

Archive360 has updated its archiving and information management platform with a Records Management feature to cut the cost and risk of retiring legacy applications and reducing the technical debt of content management systems and back-office applications.

PDFpen and PDFpenPro 13 are new version ofSmile’s all-purpose PDF editing tool for Mac. Version 13 introduces an updated UI, improved highlighting, MRC compression customisation, and for Pro users, replacing Table of Contents entries.

Nominations are now open for The Bernadette Bean SA Service Excellence Award., a cognitive automation company, has announced the launch of Datolite, its patent-pending AI-powered Intelligent Document Processing Product for Enterprise.

A free software trial of DocBridge Document Viewer is now available, a Web-based solution for displaying digital documents of any format. With this cloud-enabled application, documents of any size can be displayed and their presentation can be adjusted (e.g. rotate, zoom, simultaneous opening of several documents).