Document & Records Management

Canada’s PDFTron Systems Inc., a provider of digital content solutions for software developers, has acquired iText Group NV, the open source PDF technology company.

Compu-Stor has welcomed David Fricker to the business. David will be working with Compu-Stor as a Specialist Consultant – Information Management. David held the office of Director-General of the National Archives of Australia for ten years, from January 2012. 

Singapore based freight giant Globelink has selected RPA Labs to automate document processing. With every shipment that needs to be processed, Globelink's customer service team was tasked to manually split, extract, and index data from the attached documents into their ERP system. Processing thousands of shipments every month manually was very time-consuming and error-prone, leading Globelink to search for a more efficient and scalable solution.

Eight years into a state-wide rollout of an electronic Medical Record (eMR), a comprehensive assessment of Queensland Health’s digital maturity has found that it suffers from a lack of data integration and also that disconnected systems and devices are interrupting workflow and increasing time for staff to complete tasks. It also found a lack of digitisation and reliance on manual data collection and extraction.

RBRO Solutions Inc. (RBRO) developed a seamless cloud-based integration of Syngrafii’s iinked Sign, Video Signing Room (VSR) and iinked Seal (e-notarization) product suite into the iManage platform.

Hyland has launched new releases across its product portfolio to deliver improved automation, user experience and platform scalability.

For a long time, the trend in Records and Information Management was to store records in a separate system, more commonly known as an electronic document and records management system, or eDRMS. Some Records and Information Managers went a step further and encouraged users to make the eDRMS their central place of work.

New Zealand’s Hutt Valley District Health Board (HVDHB) has been severely criticised for inadequate processes to manage information that led to the death of a man being treated for an injury while on holiday.

Many organisations are facing challenges in setting metadata and applying properties to content stored in SharePoint. At Prometix we experienced this issue recently when delivering a large document management rollout project.

Simon Froude has been announced as the new Director-General of the National Archives of Australia (National Archives). Five new members have also been appointed to the National Archives of Australia Advisory Council.