Document & Records Management

MonJa, a developer of intelligent automation for financial institutions, has added an advanced fraud detection feature into its OCR document automation software.

Indico Data, a developer of intelligent intake solutions for unstructured data, has announced the launch of its integration with Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service. This extends Indico’s Enterprise Large Language Model (LLM) capabilities using the latest in generative artificial intelligence (AI).

Hyland has launched its latest series of product enhancements and solutions, delivering a key new integration for Workday and a variety of other process-focused features – including for its Alfresco platform – that improve user and administrator experiences.

Australia’s national strategy to identify and retain essential government records is buckling under the complexity and cost of dealing with an exponential growth in data, according to a new report from the Australian National Audit Office (ANAO).

Guidelines will be updated, annual reports written, and detailed plans definitely developed under a new National Strategy for Identity Resilience signed off by the Minister for Finance and Australia’s state and territory Data and Digital Ministers.

Liverpool City Council in Western Sydney has signed a 5-year contract with Kapish to transform the delivery of Records Compliance, moving to Kapish Content Manager Cloud.

OpenBots has launched its new upgrade, Version 2.1, a fully integrated and bundled Business Automation Platform suite with robust Intelligent Document Processing with GPT, along with its core Robotic Process Automation suite.

Singapore-based start-up, OneView has secured $A4 million in seed funding from ADERA Global, Beyon Connect, part of the Beyon Group, and New Zealand-based Cumulo9 to introduce an innovative digital platform for secure communication of documents and facilitating value-added e-services.

NZ firm FileInvite has made available a free plan for its secure document collection software to help businesses streamline their information collection workflows.

Most organizations have a terrible time with their policy and procedure documentation. Most corporate documentation is ugly, boring, too long, and poorly organized. And usually, somewhat out-of-date. The core problem is the idea that documentation means documents.