Document & Records Management

Snowbound Software has announced the v5.0 release of its VirtualViewer HTML viewer 5 promising significant speed and performance enhancements for processing large documents, as well as a new user interface with an intuitive design.

The past few years have shown a remarkable transformation in the document capture and data extraction market. With the rise of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and the desire to automate labor-heavy, document-centric workflows, document capture and data extraction applications have had to morph to meet a broad variety of needs. Here are a few observations from my daily interactions with partners and customers, and a few trends that are transforming the market.

Records management is, and always has been, a balancing act. On one side is compliance. It is at the very core of why records management exists. On the other side is the end user experience with creating, capturing and using records. These two sides usually pull in different directions. It is very difficult to manage a record if it is not identified and captured, and it is unrealistic to expect end users to be highly skilled record keepers, with hours of their day devoted to keeping records perfectly. Records management as a profession is under increasing pressure to develop approaches and solutions that perfectly balance these com­peting priorities.

Litera Microsystems today has announced its acquisition of Workshare including its products used for document comparison, protection and sharing.

In collaboration with the US National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), the Library of Congress and others, the PDF Association will participate in an Andrew W. Mellon Foundation project to identify the essential characteristics and optimal functional requirements of email messages and necessary related information in a PDF technology-based archive. Running over six months, the project's objective is to publish a technical white paper defining how email messages and their identified essential characteristics and functionality should be converted into PDF containers that can be considered - in the context of captured information - provably authentic and complete email records.

On average, more than half of all data within organizations (52 percent) remains unclassified or untagged, according to a global survey commissioned by Veritas Technologies. The survey of 1,500 IT decision makers and data managers across 15 countries found that that companies have limited or no visibility over vast volumes of potentially business-critical data.

Kyocera Document Solutions has acquired Huon IT, an Australian-based provider of ICT services for over 30 years based in Sydney specialising in IT infrastructure design and maintenance.

Do you know of a current or past eligible SA individual, team, group, student, researcher or volunteer (including a quiet achiever) who deserves to be recognised and celebrated due to their records management service excellence?

Ricoh has announced the acquisition of document management and workflow automation company DocuWare, headquartered in Germany and the United States.

The US Office of Management and Budget has set a deadline of December 2022 for US Federal Government agencies to switch to electronic records. The US National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) will not be able to accept non-electronic records after the deadline.