Document & Records Management

OrCam Technologies has launched its newest assistive technology device, the handheld OrCam Read designed for people with reading difficulties stemming from mild to moderate vision impairment, reading fatigue, dyslexia, aphasia, and other conditions, as well as for those who read large volumes of text, empowering them with realtime responsiveness.

According to Atlas VPN research compiled from various publicly available sources, the number of exposed government and individual politician records increased by 278% when comparing the first quarters of 2019 and 2020. 

An audit has found significant gaps in the controls over unauthorised access the NSW Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages (BD&M), leading to increased risk of unauthorised information leaks.

There is no doubt that cloud storage systems are becoming a popular option for businesses. On-premise storage can be costly, and it usually requires an IT staff to manage it.

Australia’s new mobile phone only bank Xinja has chosen the Box cloud document management platform to deliver customers’ bank statements and account data via a portal. Xinja’s financial lending team will also use Box as a way of managing documents with customers to drive faster end-user outcomes. 

Despite the plethora of alternatives, nothing has yet completely replaced email for business communications, especially for businesses communicating with other businesses. Important documents including contracts, requests for proposal and plans are all usually sent as email attachments. Email provides a relatively fast, secure, and efficient way of communicating, especially compared with the days when businesses had to courier these documents to each other or send them via fax without knowing for certain who was at the other end.  

One of the most interesting features that has been added to the PDF format since its inception way back in 1993 is the ability to create portable collections, more commonly known as PDF portfolios. Portable collections were introduced by the ISO committee as part of the PDF 1.7 specification (and expanded in PDF 2.0) and can contain multiple files integrated into a single PDF. Although “portable collection” is the name defined in the specification, for convenience we’ll be using “PDF portfolio” for the rest of this article.

Remote working can be a blessing. More time with family, less commuting, and meetings from the comfort of your living room. But as millions across the world switch to working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they may be putting the security and privacy of themselves, their families and their employers at risk.

Humanforce, a Sydney based global provider of workforce management solutions, has released a free Employee Trace Tool to help all businesses manage and protect their casual employees and the community through the COVID-19 outbreak.The tool, which works in conjunction with any source of timesheet or roster data, enables businesses to quickly and easily ascertain which infected employees worked on what day and time, in what location, and with who.

We recently undertook a survey of Records and Information Management Professionals across Australia, which found only 5% claimed they have enough budget. If you believe your department is underfunded, one of the driving factors could be that your understanding of records and information management is very different from that held by your C-level executives.