Document & Records Management

In May 2022, Precoro launched its integration with the Slack messaging platform. This connection will simplify the document approval process significantly.

Nitro Software has introduced a combination of new product features, enhancements and integrations across the entire Nitro Productivity Platform, including Nitro PDF Pro, Nitro Sign and Nitro Analytics.

Singapore developer DocuAgile has announced the release of PDF Agile, a full-featured PDF editor and converter with a powerful full-text OCR engine. PDF Agile brings a new way to accelerate PDF workflow. A Windows version is now available to free download.

Microservices are very much in vogue as an alternative to monolithic applications. It’s no wonder because microservices-based architectures simplify scalability, reduce application development time, enable innovation, and shorten the time-to-market for new features. As a rule, microservices are deployed in a cloud and use their own or external APIs. The increasing prevalence of cloud plays a crucial role and makes Web APIs more important.

Insurance companies are increasingly concerned with speed, both in terms of underwriting quotes for new insurance and in paying claims faster, to keep customers happy. At the same time, they’re struggling with the lingering effects of the pandemic on staffing, which is driving a need for technologies such as intelligent document processing to help them meet their duelling requirements.

A new Credit Reporting Code was introduced in Australian on July 1, 2022, providing a new and additional layer of complexity for banking and financial institutions seeking to comply with records management obligations.

Adobe commissioned Forrester Consulting to research what challenges Australian government agencies face, what they can do to accelerate successful digital transformations, and the importance of digital document processes. To explore this topic, Forrester conducted an online survey with 150 senior business and technology decision-makers responsible for digital document processing at government agencies in Australia, Singapore, and India.

A new survey conducted by Protiviti and ISACA found that cybersecurity is the chief risk for IT audit departments, yet despite heightened concerns, one in five organisations do not expect their 2022 audit plans to address the risk of cybersecurity breaches. Other related risks such as privacy and data as well as regulatory compliance also rank as top concerns.

Visual Integrity has upgraded its PDF SDK framework to version 14 with new features, more API calls, and cloud-based development support.

Artifex Software, Inc., developer of MuPDF, has acquired the exclusive rights to PyMuPDF from its long-time maintainer Harald Lieder.