Document & Records Management

Microsoft is adding updates to Syntex, its content understanding, processing, and compliance service, that leverages content AI and machine learning to provide an end-to-end Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution.

Australia’s Knowledge Corporation has announced a major update to the RecFind ECM platform, with the release of V7.0 that now includes integration to the Microsoft Power Platform.

Zuva and Litera are partnering with the Standards Advancement for the Legal Industry (SALI) Alliance to release an open-source document classification taxonomy.

Every day, businesses generate more and more data – in fact, IDC predicts the data sphere will more than double in size between 2022 and 2026. Executives believe having a high level of data quality is essential to their success, but 75% of them don’t trust their data. Two-thirds of organizations rate themselves below average in managing information lifecycle and applying governance and compliance, according to the Association for Intelligent Information Management (AIIM).

AvePoint has announced the launch of AvePoint Opus, its AI-powered information lifecycle management solution. As part of the AvePoint Confidence Platform’s Resilience Suite, AvePoint Opus is a comprehensive solution that enables organisations to discover, classify, protect and manage their data across Microsoft 365 accurately and at scale. 

In a push to improve data transparency and safeguard privacy, the Australian government has set forth its intentions to overhaul the landscape of automated decision-making and data protection.

In the fast-evolving landscape of technology, few formats have stood the test of time like the PDF (Portable Document Format). Born out of the need to digitize paper documents, the PDF has become a standard for sharing and archiving information over the last 30 years. 

AvePoint has announced a major investment by 65 Equity Partners through its purchase of 16,666,600 AvePoint shares (representing approximately 9.0% of AvePoint’s total outstanding common stock) with a value of over $US110 million.

In 2018-19, identity crime directly and indirectly cost Australia an estimated A$3.1 billion. To address such costs, the federal government is proposing a national digital identity scheme that will let people prove their identity without having to share documents such as their passport, drivers licence or Medicare card.

If you’re considering starting a Data Governance initiative, you may be wondering what the first six months of work might look like - and that is a very good question because it is challenging… and even though I have done it many times before, sometimes it still surprises me exactly how involved and challenging those first few months can be!