ayfie Inspector adds text smarts for Relativity

ayfie, Inc. has announced the launch of ayfie Inspector, a text analytics engine that indexes, understands, and organizes massive amounts of content for Relativity , the e-discovery platform.

ayfie Inspector is a highly scalable text analytics engine that combines entity identification, normalisation, data visualisation and analytics to power Relativity workflows and enable lawyers, investigators and knowledge workers to get extra value and understanding from unstructured content.

It is now available in the Relativity App Hub , which includes applications and integrations built by Relativity developer partners.

"While other text analytics platforms out there only provide a piece of the puzzle, ayfie's engine goes to the next level. We built ayfie Inspector to go beyond basic enterprise search by using linguistics, semantics and local grammars to not just interpret content, but to truly understand its meaning.

“Partnering with Relativity, we'll be able to provide users of the Relativity ecosystem with a simplified assessment and review process to create meaning from unstructured content," said Rob Wescott , CRO at ayfie, Inc.

Relativity is used by law firms, government agencies, and corporations to tackle their unique e-discovery and data challenges – including those seen in litigation, internal investigations, information governance, and government requests. As a platform, Relativity allows developer partners like ayfie to design, build, and integrate applications that extend its functionality.



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