Oxygen Forensic Detective v.10

Oxygen Forensic Detective v.10 comes with the breakthrough algorithms of cloud data acquisition, extended drone support, updated bypass screen lock methods and advanced app data parsing.

With the new Oxygen Forensic Detective you can extract data from uniquely supported cloud services, like Xiaomi Mi Cloud, Samsung Cloud Backups, Samsung Cloud Gallery, Workplace by Facebook, obtain direct access to the WhatsApp server and decrypt WhatsApp backups even with the 2-step verification enabled.

Now you can extract data from DJI Metrice 600 drone and FreeFlight Pro app as well as merge and analyse several drone storages in one view.

Oxygen Forensic Detective v.10 enables screen lock bypass on 40+ Motorola devices and finds passwords to encrypted Huawei backups. The updated version offers the brand-new algorithm of unsupported apps parsing and supports 5500+ app versions in total.

Main changes in Cloud Data Extraction:

  • Added the ability to extract contacts, calls, messages, calendar events and other available data saved from Xiaomi devices to Mi Cloud.
  • Added the ability to decrypt WhatsApp backups even if a two-step verification is enabled in the application. Forensic experts can either enter a PIN or deactivate the verification.
  • Added the ability to extract undelivered WhatsApp messages, unanswered calls and information about groups and contacts directly from the WhatsApp server.
  • Added the ability to import and parse full Samsung Cloud Backups. Forensic experts gain access to contacts, messages, calls, tasks, Wi-Fi history and files saved from Samsung devices.
  • Added the ability to extract live and deleted photos, videos and documents from Samsung Cloud Data.
  • Added data extraction from Workplace by Facebook via a token.
  • Added the ability to extract purchase history from iTunes Store.
  •  Main changes in Drone Data Extraction:
  • Added data parsing from DJI Metrice 600 drone.
  • Added joint import of external and internal storages of DJI drones. Now you can analyze them in one view.
  • Added data parsing from FreeFlight Pro app (5.0.2) from Apple iOS devices and FreeFlight Pro app (5.0.2) from Android devices.

Main changes in Mobile Data Extraction:

  • Added the ability to bypass screen lock and perform physical extraction of the following Motorola devices: Moto XT1684, Moto XT1685 (Dual SIM), Moto XT1687 (USA), Moto XT1681 and Moto XT1683.
  • Added the ability to import and decrypt Huawei backups. Decryption is fully automatic and powered by Passware® technology.
  • Added selective physical data extraction from Android devices.
  • Main changes in Data Parsing:
  • Applications. Added the ability to parse unsupported applications using a supported app template.
  • Applications. Added support for 400+ app versions for Apple iOS and Android devices. The total number of supported applications exceeds 5500!
  • Applications. Business. Bitcoin. Added data parsing from Bread Wallet (2.0.2) from Apple iOS devices.
  • Applications. Messengers. Added data parsing from Workplace Chat (141.0) from Apple iOS devices and Workplace Chat ( from Android devices.
  • Applications. Social Networks. Added data parsing from Facebook Workplace ( from Android devices and Facebook Workplace (148.0) from Apple iOS devices.
  • File Browser. Added parsing of photos and videos in HEIF/HEVC format from Apple iOS 11 devices.

Main changes in Data Analysis:

  • Oxygen Forensic® SQLite Viewer. Added interface improvements to the SQL Editor: display of the linked table, navigation in the linked table and a highlight of linked fields.
  • Search. Keywords. Added Guns, Human Trafficking and Money Laundering dictionaries.
  • Search. Added the ability to search typed data inside .sqlite and .plist files.



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